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Tattoo You (Wing)

What body art do fans like to "wear"? How do you decide and what should you be thinking about before you decorate your body with something permanent? What does a tatt say about you?

All of these and many more will be discussed.

I'd like that on a mug (Alicia Smith)

A step through practical demonstration workshop of how to get your image onto a bunch of items - I'd like to show how easy it is for people who already have their image. I'm sure I only scratch the surface with my online shops and the fun I have with the weekly shirt competition. I'd like to give a taste as to how it's done.

How loud is one tenth of a sonic boom? (arcadiagt5)

A look at human powered speed records from the sprint which recently claimed the .deciMach prize to the hour to the truly long distance events like Race Across America.

The Future for Men. (Michael O'Brien)

A discussion lead by Michael O'Brien about what the future might hold for the male. What does it mean to be male and how do we define a male in the current age, and what could it mean to be male in the future? A look at the sacred and emotional world of men, initiation, individuation, and an invitation to explore a positive and integrated way forward.


Childhood books you still enjoy (Alicia Smith)

What is it about these books? Some last the distance, some never had it (I never really enjoyed Alice), and some just don't last.

Is there something quantifiable or is it just our memories providing that sensation of the comfort and innocence (hah) of childhood? The Last Battle didn't last the distance for me, but Lizard Music and the King of the Copper ...

Anime Character Archetypes and Tropes (Phlebas)

It's been commented on that many Anime characters fall into one or more archetypes. This panel will explore what those archetypes are and how they differ from those used in 'Western' story telling. We'll discuss examples of some of the more common archetypes and why those archetypes are so prevalent in Anime. Come along and suggest how you would classify ...

The subtext of Harry Potter (Phlebas)

How do we read the text in ways Rowling didn't intend? How and why do some of these become 'fannon'? How often does 'fannon' pre-empt the author?

Sexuality in Speculative fiction (Phlebas)

To what degree is sexuality important in speculative fiction? Is it key to the telling of the story or the setting of the world? Is it just there to add a little spice or is the speculative fiction just a back drop for romance? From openly sexual characters to monastic orders, our panellists examine the importance of sexuality in speculative fiction.

Adult ...

Wuxia Panel (Phlebas)

What is Wuxia and where did it begin? Elements of the panel might include the defining Characteristics of Wuxia, it's intersection with Fantasy, Wuxia in literature vs movie/television, and it's genre influences on anime & western drama.

Where do Swancons come from?

Pending 2010 committee wanting to run this.

The business of science (Nick Evans)

How are ideas commercialised? What's the reality of getting an idea from bench top to bedside, and how well does SF reflect the real world?

Safe Spaces at Cons (Sarah Parker)

Every one thinks of conventions as safe spaces where they can just hang out and be. This is not always true. Our panellists will talk about creating safe spaces, maintaining safe spaces, safe spaces at conventions and the unspoken rules of safe spaces at cons.

Includes discussions of the "Open Source Boob Project", room parties and conventions we'...

Book Club: Hosted lunch (Anna Hepworth)

Join Michael Cogan over lunch to get together and discuss the books you read in order to meet the authors (authors are not invited). Bring your favourite books and share your thoughts then take them to the signing in the afternoon!

NB: Location: Hotel Restaurant

The Collapse of Civilisation

A discussion about the possible economic collapse of the USA and other major Western economies, and what it might be like to live in a society where the institutions we have relied on all our lives suddenly disappear. How to survive when everything breaks down. With reference to the work of Dmitri Orlov and comparisons to what it was like to live through the ...

The sinister soundscapes of David Lynch

Join A, B and C as they discuss their appreciation of the somewhat strange, frequently sinister and always intriguing works of David Lynch. Speaking backwards is encouraged.

No panellists - not this year.

Battlestar Galactica (2004) vs Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

"Battlestar Galactica (2004) vs Buffy: The Vampire Slayer - which is the greater feminist text?".

Panellists selected from audience, moderated by X.


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