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Developments in the 'squishy' sciences (Margaret Dunlop)

Ernest Rutherford once said that "All science is either physics or stamp collecting". This panel will look at cool new developments in the 'squishy' sciences - including human biology, zoology, anthropology, psychology.

No panellists - not this year.

"And that just about sums it up for humanity" - the scientific work of Jared Diamond (Margaret Dunlop)

Jared Diamond's non-fiction work accessibly covers the entire of human history - the evolution of humans and human sexuality (The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee and Why is Sex Fun?), the evolution of agriculture and different cultures (Guns, Germs and Steel) through to an assessment of how societies choose to survive or fail (Collapse). Come and find ...

Closing Ceremony

All good things must come to an end... come and farewell Swancon for another year.

The 17th annual Doctor Who panel (Grant Watson)

In 1985 BBC Controller Michael Grade ordered long-running SF drama Doctor Who off the air for the first time in 22 seasons. It returned in 1986, its season truncated and its viewing figures shattered. The following year the series returned for its 24th season with a new time slot, a new script editor, new writers and a brand-new Doctor in Sylvester McCoy.

A ...

True Brit: the UK Genre Television Explosion (Grant Watson)

Since the return of Doctor Who to television in 2005, British television has experienced a resurgence in science fiction and fantasy unheard of since the 1960s. Series like Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Spooks: Code 9, Merlin, Life on Mars, Ashes to Ashes, Hyperdrive and others have helped bring genre TV back to Britain in a big way. Why are these ...

Taking Advantage: Funding Options for Artists and Fans (Grant Watson)

Want to get a meeting to develop a television series? Want to get your short stories published? How about get a government grant to write your magnus opus? What about getting funded travel to the UK, the United States, or even to Antarctica?

A guide to the numerous government funding agencies, initiatives, opportunities and fan funds available that aren't ...

Tattoo You (Wing)

What body art do fans like to "wear"? How do you decide and what should you be thinking about before you decorate your body with something permanent? What does a tatt say about you?

All of these and many more will be discussed.

The Boardgame Geek - Beyond Settlers (Michael O'Brien)

Do you know your Euro from your Ameritrash? Does the word CRT give you a warm feeling? Do you have dreams of Essen Spiel, or maybe Martin Wallace is your poster boy?

Gaming and Fandom have always shared a space. Michael O'Brien presents an talk on the vast and popular world of boardgaming that will be of interest to the uninitiated and the dedicated ...

Norma K Hemming Award

This panel will discuss the forthcoming Norma K. Hemming Award to mark excellence in the exploration of race, gender, class and sexuality in Australian science fiction, fantasy or art work. The aim is to have it launched big time at Aussiecon 4 on 2-6 Sep 10.

The Future of the Future (Grant Watson)

Science fiction used to be easy. In the 21st century, surrounded by computers, with satellites massed in orbit around the Earth, medical advances leaping forward, robotic probes on Mars, and technological breakthroughs being announced every week, what is the point of science fiction any more?

Is there a need for fiction about the future if we're already ...

Walt Disney: Animation's Magic Kingdom (Grant Watson)

When animation producer Walt Disney announced he was making a feature-length animated film, he was the laughing stock of Hollywood. Derisively called "Disney's Folly", Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs unexpectedly captured the public imagination and launched a legacy and an animation brand that continues to this day.

It's 70 years - and 48 feature ...

Holy Respectability, Batman! (Travis Johnson)

With The Dark Knight getting heavy Oscar buzz and the release of Zack Snyder's adaptation of Watchmen, it's time to take a look at comic book film adaptations: the past, the future, and the current state of play. From the murky depths of Howard the Duck and Swamp Thing to the critically praised Sin City and The Dark Knight, we wrestle the whole shebang into ...

Channel Flicking (Grant Watson)

A presentation of some of the strangest film, television and animation clips you're likely to see. The funniest bits. The funniest bits that aren't intentional. The "oh god what were they thinking" moments of science fiction. An eclectic late-night presentation by Grant Watson and David Gunn.

Adult themes.

Opening Ceremony (Maia Bobrowicz)

Come one and all to the Opening Ceremony for Contact: Swancon 2009!

The convention committee will introduce and welcome our guests and members, tell you about the key events planned for the con, and cover some necessary administrivia.

This will be followed by a "Guide to Swancon" session designed for new members but open to all. Experienced and ...

How does technology create society? (Stephanie Bateman-Graham)

Good science fiction is not just about gadgets and technology, but how technology changes people and society. Technology has a life-cycle from emerging to established, and show-don't-tell writing can reveal how far along a technology has come. How has society has been altered? Who has it? Who can afford it? How has the technology affected crime, romance, ...

More Than Meets the Eye - The Golden Age of the Transformers

With a second big budget feature film coming to cinemas this year, hit animated series on television, critically acclaimed new comic books being released from IDW and a seemingly constant string of toys hitting department store shelves, 2009 seems to be a new "golden age" for the Transformers. Current Transformers comic writer Shane McCarthy (Trana...

Writing Horror - Tips & Techniques (PRK)

A panel where published horror authors provide an overview of their major "do's" and "don'ts" for writing in the genre along with various tips and techniques for crafting stories.

Is there anybody out there?

In the last decade, the discovery of hundreds of extrasolar planets firmly pinned down our understanding of planet formation, and led to the conclusion that planets are extremely common. At the same time, the study of Archeabacteria 'extremophiles' has widened our horizons for the conditions where life can survive, including extremes of heat, cold, acidita...

So why the hell do you want to be a writer anyway? (Cat Sparks)

Three per cent of writers ever manage to make a living out of it. 3 out of 5000 unsolicited manuscripts submitted to publishers make it across the line. However, Clarions, universities and community colleges are churning out more wannabe writers than ever, despite troubled times in the publishing industry and the collapse of traditional venues for short ...

The future of short fiction (Cat Sparks)

With so many competing forms of entertainment today and so many publications folding, is there a point to writing short fiction any more? Is it a form for up and coming writers to hone their skills? Did the Internet kill short fiction or might it prove its saviour? Discuss.

Withdrawn for lack of panellists, may possibly merge in content of "2008 on ...

Spy Spoofs (Damian & Heather Magee)

More sci-fi than spies

Sorcerers and Storytellers (Dave Cake)

The astonishing crossover between magic in fantasy fiction, and magic as practiced by real occult practitioners. Some modern magicians work spells from Lovecrafts Necronomicon (despite knowing it doesn't exist), or embrace the cosmology of Michael Moorcock. Gods and monsters from 20th century fiction are being used for the same magical purposes as ancient ...

Feminist Fans and Aussiecon (Emma Hawkes)

From a feminist perspective, what would you like to see at Aussiecon 2010? More than just the usual panel on women and SF&F?

In a round table discussion, let's brainstorm programming ideas for panels, art work, plays, and approaches to make Aussiecon 4 an outpouring of twenty-first century, anti-racist, anti-sexist fandom.

DUPLICATE: http://2009....

Accounts and Reflections: Literature on Neil Gaiman and his work

A survey of the critical and scholarly literature on Neil Gaiman and his work.

Abstract: Neil Gaiman is the multi-award winning and best-selling of some of the most critically acclaimed fantasy fiction published during the past 20 years. What I will seek to do in this paper is to conduct a brief survey of the existing scholarly critical literature on a...

Science Fiction and the Sublime ((Sunday only))

This paper proposes to look at four pleasures of the sublime that lie within science fiction. The sublime is a historical idea that emerged as people began discovering the universe and the world around them in Europe. Thus, it is as Kant called it, the mathematical pleasures of this sublime that are one such pleasure. Another, also proposed by Kant, is the ...

The Aliens are among us: The science fiction in John Lilly's science

The science fiction in John Lilly's science

Presented by: Tess Williams

Abstract: to follow

The Meat-Grinder of History: Tatyana Tolstaya's 'The Slynx'

The Meat-Grinder of History: Tatyana Tolstaya's 'The Slynx' as Post-Communist Dystopia

Withdrawn due to other commitments.

Battlestar Galactica (PRK)

Battlestar Galactica's final episodes screened in Australia on March 21st. How well did it end? How did everything tie together? Was it a satisfactory ending, or should it have gone differently? What key moments defined each season, both for the characters and the audience's perception of them?

Note - this panel will contain spoilers up to and including the ...

Supernatural vs The X-Files (PRK)

From Federal Agents fighting to reveal the paranormal truth in the face of deliberate scepticism, to 'criminals' investigating the paranormal under the Federal radar. The X-files ran for 10 seasons, Supernatural is confirmed for its 5th. What makes these type of paranormal TV series successful? How does the character setting (established legitimate federal ...


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