International Guest - Richard Morgan

Born in 1965, Richard Morgan's desire to be a writer was nearly exorcised, when in sixth form English he was subjected to Dickens' David Copperfield. Overcoming that temporary obstacle, Richard continued his education and graduated from University with his desire to write intact and an added desire to travel the world.

Joining the English Language Teaching industry to facilitate travelling, Richard taught in London, Istanbul, Madrid and Glasgow. Writing on and off whilst teaching, Richard honed his writing skills through various mediums including short stories, articles, a screenplay and a novel, as well as many articles expressing fury over various editorials, none of which were ever published.

With the successful publication of his first futuristic SF thriller, Altered Carbon in 2002, Richard left his teaching position at Strathclyde University to become a full time writer. Since then, Richard has published several more SF novels and two Black Widow graphic novels. His latest work, a foray into fantasy titled The Steel Remains, was published in August 2008.

National Guest - Trudi Canavan

Trudi Canavan lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has been making up stories about people and places that don't exist for as long as she can remember.

Her first short story, Whispers of the Mist Children, received an Aurealis Award for Best Fantasy Short Story in 1999. When she recovered from the surprise, she went on to finish the fantasy novel-that-became-three, the bestselling Black Magician Trilogy: The Magicians' Guild, The Novice and The High Lord, which brought her international prominence. Trudi's second trilogy, Age of the Five, has also enjoyed bestselling success.

Trudi is currently working on both a prequel to the Black Magician Trilogy and a sequel trilogy. The prequel, titled The Magicians' Apprentice, and the first of the trilogy, titled The Ambassador's Mission, are both due for publication in 2009.

Professional Guest - Theresa Anns (Harper Collins, WA).

Once upon a time, a little girl asked her parents to switch the TV station over from the historical televised moon landing so she could watch Superman (the cartoon version). That little girl was Theresa and, although her parents thankfully didn't grant her wish, it was that day that Theresa's love of all things science fiction began.

Unfortunately, Theresa lost her way when she became part of the demanding world of retail management. Years later she finally came to her senses and sought alternative employment, joining the publishing house of Harper Collins in 1992. Theresa was in heaven - books, books so many books.

Theresa was reintroduced to the SF community in 1995 when she was asked to escort an author to something called Swancon. Theresa agreed but with trepidation, wondering what on earth a Swancon was.

Her apprehension turned to delight when she was reacquainted with old friends thought lost and her passion for all things SF was reignited. With that one fateful weekend Theresa's grand adventures began, with conventions both local and interstate.

Fan Guests - Alicia Smith and Rob Masters - A Marriage of Bwahahaha!

Rob and Alicia (Leece, please!) are usually found in the gaming room of most WA conventions, accompanied by The Ark of the Covenant - er, their big box of games.

They've been attending Swancon since 1988 and haven't missed one since - even if only as hucksters. 2009 will see them receive their 20 year attendee badges.

Over the years Leece and Rob have organised game tournaments, "My Word" style write offs, quizzes, and created the improvised 'let's take over this empty room that nothing's happening in' that later developed into the "Panel Panel Panel" at ensuing Swancons.

They are very much looking forward to emerging, blinking, from the gaming room and helping make this Swancon one to remember!