Short Story competition

Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine in cooperation with Contact: Swancon 2009, is proud to announce the 2009 ASIM/Swancon Short Story competition.

With our fine selection of judges: Ian Nichols, Mark Farrugia and Felicity Dowker, your speculative fiction entry of 10,000 words or less will do battle against the best spec fic the universe has to offer! Thrills! Excitement! Over stimulated young children on a caffeine high!

And of course, like all good competitions, there are prizes to the winners. First place receives one hundred earth dollars as well as a year's subscription to ASIM. Second place will receive the awesome (though slightly less prestigious) prize of seventy five dollars and six months of ASIM, and third place will be gifted with fifty dollars, and two copies of ASIM.

Additionally, all placed entries will go into the ASIM Slushpool, for a second round of battle and a chance of being published.

All entries should follow the guidelines set out at and be emailed to

Entries closed on the the 20th of March.

Judges decision is final; any questions can be emailed to Chris Bobridge at