Name: Bec Handcock

Confirmed panels

Title Proposed Time Proposed Room
Hard SF with the soft sciences Friday 12:00 PM Montana B
Project Runway Sunday 5:00 PM Oshaneshii

Title: Hard SF with the soft sciences

Status: confirmed

Proposed by:


Retroviruses acting like giant evolutionary computers; genetically engineered super soldiers; languages which allow you to see through time; downloading into different bodies and the strange psychology of the immortal: we discuss the wonderful places science fiction can go when it remembers that there's more to science than physics and computers.

Room Notes:

Tags: Science fiction, Guests, Science

Confirmed panellists: Sophie Ambrose , Bec Handcock, Richard Morgan, Vanessa Huang

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Room: Montana B

Time: Friday 12:00 PM

Title: Project Runway

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: valeskah1


Project Runway - Swancon edition: Work in teams to transform mundane and boring everyday items into fabulous couture of the 25th century to send down the runway! BYO scissors.

Participate at your own risk!

Room Notes:

Tags: Format: Workshop

Confirmed panellists: Bec Handcock, Kate Williams, Liz Grzyb, Robert N Stephenson

One additional panellist has been suggested.

Room: Oshaneshii

Time: Sunday 5:00 PM

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