Name: Mike O'Brien

Confirmed panels

Title Proposed Time Proposed Room
The Boardgame Geek - Beyond Settlers Friday 10:00 AM Acacia
Tintin Friday 7:30 PM Montana A
Gender Gap in Gaming? Friday 10:30 PM Montana B

Title: The Boardgame Geek - Beyond Settlers

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: Michael O'Brien


Do you know your Euro from your Ameritrash? Does the word CRT give you a warm feeling? Do you have dreams of Essen Spiel, or maybe Martin Wallace is your poster boy?

Gaming and Fandom have always shared a space. Michael O'Brien presents an talk on the vast and popular world of boardgaming that will be of interest to the uninitiated and the dedicated meeplephile.

Room Notes:

Tags: Format: Panel, Gaming, Geek stuff

Confirmed panellists: Mike O'Brien

One additional panellist has been suggested.

Room: Acacia

Time: Friday 10:00 AM

Title: Tintin

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: Damian & Heather Magee


Looking at the history of the character throughout books, cartoons, and films. We will examine the history of the series, why we still enjoy reading Tintin today and our favourite stories.

Join us in exploring Tintin on screen both animated and live.

Room Notes:

Tags: Comics, History, Books & Literature, Equipment: AV

Confirmed panellists: Mike O'Brien, Damian Magee

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Room: Montana A

Time: Friday 7:30 PM

Title: Gender Gap in Gaming?

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: Karen Babcock


Gaming is often seen a guy thing, but is it really true? How do men and women approach gaming differently? Does the type of game: card, board, video, arcade, PC or online matter? Do people play differently in same-sex versus mixed groups? What about when people don't know other players?

Room Notes:

Tags: Gaming

Confirmed panellists: Karen Babcock, Rob Masters , Leece, Mike O'Brien, Anneliese Bear

One additional panellist has been suggested.

Room: Montana B

Time: Friday 10:30 PM

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