Name: John Green

Confirmed panels

Title Proposed Time Proposed Room
Where do Swancons come from? Friday 8:30 PM Cocktail Lounge
Swancon 2010 Launch Sunday 5:00 PM Montana A, Montana B

Title: Where do Swancons come from?

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: PRK


Ever wondered how a Swancon comes together, what's involved, and how you can participate if you're interested? Come along and speak with past, present and future Swancon committee members! We'll also include an outline of the Swancon bidding process for those who'd like to bid for Swancon 2011.

Room Notes:


Confirmed panellists: John Green, PRK, Anna Hepworth

One additional panellist has been suggested.

Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Friday 8:30 PM

Title: Swancon 2010 Launch

Status: confirmed

Proposed by:


Want to know all about next year's Swancon, including who the guests will be?

Come along and celebrate the Swancon 2010 launch!

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Tags: Equipment: AV

Confirmed panellists: John Green, Jay Watson, Todd Rowlands

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Rooms: Montana A, Montana B

Time: Sunday 5:00 PM

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