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Humour in Speculative Fiction

Red Dwarf, Discworld, Hal Spacejock. Where does humour work well in speculative fiction? Where does humour not work well? What sort of humour is suited to particular circumstances?

Homework for Swancon 2010 (PRK)

A Panel discussing the guests for Swancon 2010, their works, and suggested readings / activities over the year.

We'd tell you who we're discussing, but that would spoil the surprise of the 2010 launch!

2008 in Books

With so many publications folding, is there a point to writing short fiction any more? Is it a form for up and coming writers to hone their skills? Did the Internet kill short fiction or might it prove its saviour? Take a look back at the past year of SF/fantasy/horror/spec-fic and discuss the possible future in fiction.


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