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Norma K Hemming Award

This panel will discuss the forthcoming Norma K. Hemming Award to mark excellence in the exploration of race, gender, class and sexuality in Australian science fiction, fantasy or art work. The aim is to have it launched big time at Aussiecon 4 on 2-6 Sep 10.

Women at Worldcon - Round Table Discussion

Women at Worldcon - historically, there has been a serious lack of women in Worldcon Programmes. How many women have been GoHs? How many women panelists are volunteering? What can we do about this? A moderated discussion about the kinds of things we would like to see representing women at Aussiecon4 and our plans to make them happen. What would YOU like to ...

Strong Women in New Who, the Whedonverse, and SFF

Round Table Discussion

Strong women who look good and kick arse - but are they lacking in agency? Has 'strong' become the new sexy? And what do they think 'strong' means anyway? Is it all for the male gaze, or is this a step forward for the representation of women? Why does being physically violent equal sexy?


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