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Tintin (Damian & Heather Magee)

Looking at the history of the character throughout books, cartoons, and films. We will examine the history of the series, why we still enjoy reading Tintin today and our favourite stories.

Join us in exploring Tintin on screen both animated and live.

TV Programmes made by ITC (Damian & Heather Magee)

The Persuaders, The Champions etc.

The Year - 1969 (Damian & Heather Magee)

Come join the panelist as we look down memory lane through various clips of 40 years of landing on the moon, films, TV, the events and music that shaped the year of 1969.

The library of Alexandria

Mourning ancient, lost libraries.

Not enough panellists for this.

Apollo 11 Turns 40, But Did It Happen At All? (Paul Talbot)

July 2009 is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. In preparation for increased media coverage and renewed speculation, Paul Talbot will make a presentation on the various claims that the mission was a hoax.

Ad Astra: Why We Went To The Moon, and Why We Need To Go Back (Grant Watson)

In July 1969 Neil Armstrong took his first legendary step onto the moon. Forty years later, and the international space race looks to be coming back in a big way. A look at the USA's historic Apollo space program, what it achieved, what went wrong and what the future holds for the Earth's closest neighbour. With new space programs developing in China, Russia,...

Religion in Fantasy (PRK)

As an important part of many human lives, it is unsurprising that fantasy worlds often contain religions or spiritual belief structures. Whilst some of these are based quite closely on existing religions, many vary widely, with regularly incarnate deities, incredibly accurate prophecies or capricious deities playing board games with human souls. To what ...


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