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Title Description
The Ultimate Fight

Show, tell and discuss a series of stand-out fight scenes.

Adult themes.

Wuxia Panel (Phlebas)

What is Wuxia and where did it begin? Elements of the panel might include the defining Characteristics of Wuxia, it's intersection with Fantasy, Wuxia in literature vs movie/television, and it's genre influences on anime & western drama.

Rebel Empire (Kaneda)

Fight Choreography, in the theme of Star Wars. See what has spawned from last years Jedi Boot Camp and more! Feel free to dress up in costume! Suitable for children young and old.

Spectate at your own risk! (Never underestimate the power of the Force)

Kiddy Combat

Child-friendly martial arts workshop run by Kaneda - ages 4 and up welcome (child must be able to stand up)

Participate at your own risk!

Blade Attraction 4.0 (Kaneda & Wing)

Live blade demonstrations from around the world.

Spectate at your own risk!


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