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Gaming with Kids

What boardgames work well with kids? What are your experiences? Where do you GET all these games?

Many modern games are suitable for family play. Some companies (such as HABA) produce innovative games for children of all ages. This workshop is an open discussion about gaming with children as young as three, and will provide children (and grownups!) with an ...

Non-violent videogames (John Parker)

A discussion of video games, violence and their impact on children. Come hear about games, how they've developed over the years and learn about what to play that doesn't involve splatter-art.

Kiddy Masquerade? Show
What's New in SFF for Kids & YA

Have you explored 'The Starry Rift'? Taken part in 'The Hunger Games'? Had a look at 'Shiny?' If not, then this is the panel for you. Ranging from picture books for the youngest 'readers' to the most challenging young adult novels, our panellists will survey the new books scene, recommend some outstanding titles and offer suggestions about where to find more ...

Wings of War (Terry Chilvers)

Clear your guns...get ready for a dogfight.

Wings of War is a simple miniatures game of air combat in World War One. The world record game had 41 planes on the table. There is no Australian record. Yet (current world record is 37 pilots).

Each player manoeuvres their miniature plane (using a deck of cards) in a furious dogfight with the other players. ...

Kiddy Combat

Child-friendly martial arts workshop run by Kaneda - ages 4 and up welcome (child must be able to stand up)

Participate at your own risk!


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