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Frontiers, Commons and Copyright: Creativity in the Internet Age

By facilitating collaboration, remixing, re-working and linking, the Internet is changing the boundaries of creative practice. Electronic Frontiers Australia, Creative Commons, and the Organization for Transformative Works are at the forefront of digital rights and creative metamorphosis. What do these organisations do? What avenues for art and writing do ...

Hack Your Hardware (V2.0b) (John Parker)

Flashing your firmware, bashing you box - Welcome to the wonderful world of modding. We look at simple hacks for your phone, camera and game console. A reprise of the panel at Wasteland II: Age of Iron.

The Collapse of Civilisation

A discussion about the possible economic collapse of the USA and other major Western economies, and what it might be like to live in a society where the institutions we have relied on all our lives suddenly disappear. How to survive when everything breaks down. With reference to the work of Dmitri Orlov and comparisons to what it was like to live through the ...


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