Title: Women characters in comics

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: Damian & Heather Magee


Historically, comic books and graphic novels published in the English-speaking world have been overwhelmingly directed at a male readership. In North America the superhero genre has spent decades with an effective stranglehold over the medium, with only the recent explosion of imported manga titles showing any difference. Recent attempts by publishers such as DC Comics to attract a female audience have failed to secure an audience.

What does the future hold for comics aimed at a female audience? Is it possible for them to succeed? What's being published now that women are reading? What's preventing a female audience from embracing the comic book medium as enthusiastically as a male one? From manga to superheroes to "women in refrigerators" - a look at audience, gender and content in comic books and graphic novels.

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Tags: Comics, Women, Books & Literature

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Confirmed panellists: Emily Smith, Nancy Lorenz

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Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Saturday 2:00 PM

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