Title: Print and Play

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Green AND greed is the motto as you make your own copy of the enjoyable (and free!) Space Junk.

The popularity of modern games has lead some designers to release them as free do-it-yourself editions, so-called 'Print-And-Play' games. Often the components are best described as 'functional'. If the game is good enough, other gamers might decide to improve the components. If the game is good enough, it might be picked up by a publisher for commercial release (as will happen with the game we will make: Space Junk).

This workshop will be run for 5 people, and take about two hours. In that time you will learn about 'PnP' games, where to find them and then go ahead and make your own copy of Space Junk.

Materials and tools will be provided. Sharp knives are involved, so this workshop is not suitable for children.

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Tags: Gaming

One panellist has been suggested.

Room: Acacia

Times: Saturday 10:00 AM, Saturday 11:00 AM

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