Title: Ready, Steady, Genesplice!: Build a better Unicorn

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It's The Future and you're in the brainstorming session for the latest pet craze! Does the market want a cat with wings? A dragon? A pocket unicorn? Easy! Three artists take audience suggestions and turn them into visual reality in their own very different styles. But there's a twist - some of the artists have animal ethical and wildlife watchdogs observing and advising, so a leopard may well have to be replaced with a leopard slug! Vote for your favourite! Building a better unicorn was a great success at Genghiscon, and this year at Swancon with multiple artists and a game show format it looks to be even more fun!

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Tags: Format: Workshop, Icebreaker, Art, Equipment: AV

Confirmed panellists: Pamela Smith, Leece, Rob Masters , Colin Sharpe, Andy Phillips

One additional panellist has been suggested.

Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Saturday 11:00 AM

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