Title: The 17th annual Doctor Who panel

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: Grant Watson


In 1985 BBC Controller Michael Grade ordered long-running SF drama Doctor Who off the air for the first time in 22 seasons. It returned in 1986, its season truncated and its viewing figures shattered. The following year the series returned for its 24th season with a new time slot, a new script editor, new writers and a brand-new Doctor in Sylvester McCoy.

A team of panelists look back at Season 24 of Doctor Who: the key players, the audience reaction, and its four serials - "Time and the Rani", "Paradise Towers", "Delta and the Bannermen" and "Dragonfire".

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Tags: Format: Panel, Science fiction, TV, Media, Equipment: AV

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Confirmed panellists: Damian Magee, Colin Sharpe, Grant Watson, Theresa Anns, Danny Oz

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Rooms: Montana B, Montana A

Time: Monday 3:00 PM

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