Title: Book Signings II

Status: confirmed

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Book signings by our guests and other authors. This signing session will include:

Richard Morgan

Trudi Canavan

Lara Morgan (no relation to Richard as far as we know!)

Bevan McGuinness

Paul Kidd

Russell B Farr

Dave Luckett (aka L S Lawrence)

Jenny Blackford

Cat Sparks

Juliett Marillier

Stephen Dedman

Room Notes:

Tags: General, Guests, Books & Literature

Confirmed panellists: Paul Kidd, Jenny Blackford, Juliet Marillier, Richard Morgan, Trudi Canavan, Russell B Farr, Cat Sparks, Dave Luckett, Lara Morgan, Bevan McGuinness, Stephen Dedman

One additional panellist has been suggested.

Room: Oshaneshii

Time: Sunday 4:00 PM

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