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Come and save the world from deadly diseases in Pandemic, compete to create the most elaborate sushi recipes in Wasabi or race across space in a rickety starship in Galaxy Trucker....

Modern boardgames (also called Euro- , Designer- or German-games) share a number of characteristics which distinguish them from better known games (the Risk and Monopoly of our youth perhaps). They tend to be playable in a relatively short period of time (usually 60-90 minutes), have relatively simple rules, be well balanced (it is rare for a player to be out of contention halfway through a game) and generally avoid direct conflict between players. High production values are common – these games often look beautiful.

Sessions will run from 11am to 6pm on Friday and Sunday, at scheduled times, starting with a brief discussion of modern games and their mechanics. Knowledgeable and enthusiastic game guides will teach groups how to play a variety of games. Each different game you play during the day will give you an entry in the draw for a daily boardgame prize.

A wide selection of games will be available, and players will be able to 'book in' to play a game at a particular time.

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Confirmed panellists: Greg Tannahill

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Room: Acacia

Times: Friday 11:00 AM, Friday 12:00 PM, Friday 2:00 PM, Friday 3:00 PM, Friday 4:00 PM, Friday 5:00 PM, Sunday 11:00 AM, Sunday 12:00 PM, Sunday 2:00 PM, Sunday 3:00 PM, Sunday 4:00 PM, Sunday 5:00 PM

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