Title: Is there anybody out there?

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In the last decade, the discovery of hundreds of extrasolar planets has firmly pinned down our understanding of planet formation, and led to the conclusion that planets are extremely common. At the same time, the study of Archeabacteria 'extremophiles' has widened our horizons for the conditions where life can survive, including extremes of heat, cold, acidity, alkalinity, salt, and radiation much harsher than ever before imagined.

This talk will describe the new science of astrobiology, and cover the best current models of where and when in the Milky Way life might have evolved, what forms it might take, and how best to search for it, using methods ranging from spectroscopy using OLTs (Overwhelmingly Large Telescopes) to SETI.

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Tags: Science, Academic Panel, Format: Panel, Equipment: AV

Confirmed panellists: Andrew Williams

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Friday 9:30 PM

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