Title: Accounts and Reflections: Literature on Neil Gaiman and his work

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A survey of the critical and scholarly literature on Neil Gaiman and his work.

Abstract: Neil Gaiman is the multi-award winning and best-selling author of some of the most critically acclaimed fantasy fiction published during the past 20 years. What I will seek to do in this paper is to conduct a brief survey of the existing scholarly critical literature on Gaiman’s work. Whist I am not trying to be exhaustive, I will engage with as much of the literature as space allows. I also aim to identify the trends and common foci of this critical literature, as well as suggesting areas, works and themes that may be particularly deserving of future scholarly interest.

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Tags: Fantasy, Format: Panel, Academic Panel, Equipment: AV

Confirmed panellists: Alice Pullin

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Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Friday 7:30 PM

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