Title: Science Fiction and the Sublime

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This paper proposes to look at four pleasures of the sublime that lie within science fiction. The sublime is a historical idea that emerged as people began discovering the universe and the world around them in Europe. Thus, it is as Kant called it, the mathematical pleasures of this sublime that are one such pleasure. Another, also proposed by Kant, is the dynamically sublime, which encounters the unknowable. I also propose two more: one, the digital sublime, that has appeared in an age of reproduction and relates to the spectacle of late modernity; and finally, the oceanic sublime, that emerged in Ancient Greece as people looked beyond their city-states and into the world of international trade. I will look quickly at four books that illustrate these different sublimes.

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Confirmed panellists: Darren Jorgenson

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Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Sunday 7:30 PM

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