Title: More Than Meets the Eye - The Golden Age of the Transformers

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With a second big budget feature film coming to cinemas this year, a hit animated series on television, critically acclaimed new comic books being released from IDW and a seemingly constant string of toys hitting department store shelves, 2009 seems to be a new "golden age" for the Transformers. Current Transformers comic writer Shane McCarthy (Transformers: All Hail Megatron, Batman) joins a panel of Transformers fans and afficionados to cast a critical eye over this highly successful entertainment franchise. What works? What doesn't? What might the future hold for the Transformers, and what is the core of their appeal? A special look at the world's most successful toy-based science fiction franchise.

NB: Expected to run for 1.5 hours.

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Tags: Format: Panel, Media, Comics, TV

Confirmed panellists: Shane McCarthy, Marcus Good, Jon Hayward

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Room: Montana B

Time: Saturday 3:00 PM

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