Title: The Universe of Liad and the world of Korval

Status: confirmed

Proposed by: Elaine Walker


Codes of Conduct, Clans, Pilots, Healers, Dramliz, Terrans, Turtles, Sentient Trees, Spies, Scouts, Traders, Soldiers, Mercenaries, Juntavas, Gamblers, Scholars, Artists, Musicians, Romance and Wonder, Space Battles and Deepest Intrigue, Cultural Pioneering and Cats.

"Of the Great Houses, there are precisely 50. And then there is Korval"

"In an ally, considerations of house, clan, planet, race are insignificant beside two prime questions, which are:

  1. Can he shoot?
  2. Will he aim at your enemy?"--Cantra yos' Phelium.

There are already 10 Liaden books, and more short stories, and all are worthy of examination for anyone who likes richly tapestried worlds and splendid characters.

Room Notes:

Tags: Science fiction, Books & Literature

Confirmed panellists: Leece, Elaine Walker, Rob Masters , Paul Andinach

No additional panellists have been suggested.

Room: Cocktail Lounge

Time: Friday 11:00 AM

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