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Ready, Steady, Genesplice!: Build a better Unicorn

It's The Future and you're in the brainstorming session for the latest pet craze! Does the market want a cat with wings? A dragon? A pocket unicorn? Easy! Three artists take audience suggestions and turn them into visual reality in their own very different styles. But there's a twist - some of the artists have animal ethical and wildlife watchdogs observing ...

Art Show

Swancon is a celebration of creativity in all its different forms, and the Swancon Art Show is an opportunity for members of the Swancon community to display and sell original works of art in any medium: pencil, paint, leather, lace, plaster, CG, paper and steel. Everyone has the capacity to create something interesting; everyone is an artist. Except maybe ...

Art Show Auction and Breakdown

Come and bid for those art items that gained more than five offers during the art show.

Draw your own cartoon character

Drawing workshop where a comic artist walks you through drawing your own character.

Origami in the Fan Lounge

Come and hang out, meet people and make your very own Origami Yoda.

Location: Fan Lounge

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I'd like that on a mug (Alicia Smith)

A step through practical demonstration workshop of how to get your image onto a bunch of items - I'd like to show how easy it is for people who already have their image. I'm sure I only scratch the surface with my online shops and the fun I have with the weekly shirt competition. I'd like to give a taste as to how it's done.


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