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Gender Gap in Gaming? (Karen Babcock)

Gaming is often seen a guy thing, but is it really true? How do men and women approach gaming differently? Does the type of game: card, board, video, arcade, PC or online matter? Do people play differently in same-sex versus mixed groups? What about when people don't know other players?

Introduction to Gaming for newbies

This panel is being retired from the program because it has since been developed further and has several slots under "Invitation to Game"

Showcasing new games Show

What is it? How do you play?

Print and Play

Green AND greed is the motto as you make your own copy of the enjoyable (and free!) Space Junk.

The popularity of modern games has lead some designers to release them as free do-it-yourself editions, so-called 'Print-And-Play' games. Often the components are best described as 'functional'. If the game is good enough, other gamers might decide to improve the ...

Gaming with Kids

What boardgames work well with kids? What are your experiences? Where do you GET all these games?

Many modern games are suitable for family play. Some companies (such as HABA) produce innovative games for children of all ages. This workshop is an open discussion about gaming with children as young as three, and will provide children (and grownups!) with an ...

Non-violent videogames (John Parker)

A discussion of video games, violence and their impact on children. Come hear about games, how they've developed over the years and learn about what to play that doesn't involve splatter-art.

The Boardgame Geek - Beyond Settlers (Michael O'Brien)

Do you know your Euro from your Ameritrash? Does the word CRT give you a warm feeling? Do you have dreams of Essen Spiel, or maybe Martin Wallace is your poster boy?

Gaming and Fandom have always shared a space. Michael O'Brien presents an talk on the vast and popular world of boardgaming that will be of interest to the uninitiated and the dedicated ...

Rock Band (Brendan Ragan)

It rocked the house at GenghisCon and now Brendan will bring the Rock Band to Swancon!

Participate at your own risk!

Grass-Cast Gaming Podcast (Jon Hayward)

Come join John Robertson, Paul Turner, Chris Hayward, Mike Browner and special guest Greg Tannahill as they discuss video gaming in all its forms and guises. With permission the panel will be podcasted to the following week. And you might even get a laugh out of it...

Wings of War (Terry Chilvers)

Clear your guns...get ready for a dogfight.

Wings of War is a simple miniatures game of air combat in World War One. The world record game had 41 planes on the table. There is no Australian record. Yet (current world record is 37 pilots).

Each player manoeuvres their miniature plane (using a deck of cards) in a furious dogfight with the other players. ...

Monster Games (Terry Chilvers)

Conquer or connive your way to the Imperial throne in Twilight Imperium, match (or lose) your wits against eldrich abominations in Arkham Horror or lead your legions to victory in Conquest of the Empire.

Some games just won't fit neatly into a short space of time. These are grand, sprawling affairs with lots of detail that will take 3-4 (or more!) hours to ...

Invitation to Game

Come and save the world from deadly diseases in Pandemic, compete to create the most elaborate sushi recipes in Wasabi or race across space in a rickety starship in Galaxy Trucker....

Modern boardgames (also called Euro- , Designer- or German-games) share a number of characteristics which distinguish them from better known games (the Risk and Monopoly of ...


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